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Elliot Jones Organ

Two years a er the disastrous organ gallery fire in 1815, Thomas Elliot was commissioned to build a new organ. Elliot was one of England’s foremost organ builders during the early decades of the nineteenth century, and built instruments for York Minster and the corona on of George IV at Westminster Abbey. During the renovations of 1891, the organ was taken down from its gallery and moved to the front left corner of the cathedral. This compromised its appearance and sound and, in 2003, the organ was restored by Kenneth Jones and returned to a gallery in its original position. One of Ireland’s most important organs, the case is made of solid mahogany and façade pipes are gold-plated. The organ is used regularly for services and concerts. The console, where the organist plays, is situated between the organ’s two cases and a CCTV system enables the organist to view the choir and chancel below.

Elliot Jones Organ
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