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Waterford Union of Parishes is committed to ensuring it provides a safe, caring and supportive
environment for all. We want all our visitors to feel that their value and dignity is respected. We
especially recognise that our work with children, young people and vulnerable adults is the
responsibility of the whole community and the Dean and Chapter take seriously their responsibility
to protect and safeguard the welfare of all those entrusted to the Cathedral’s care.


We carefully select, supervise and train all those with any responsibility within the Union of Parishes.
Our staff and volunteers who work with children and vulnerable adults, are provided with regular
safeguarding training and support. We act in an open, transparent and accountable way.


We use policies which follow current legislation, guidance and recognised good practice. Our policies
and procedures are specifically tailored to those who participate in the events, services or activities
which we provide here.

If you have a general enquiry or any concern relating to safeguarding in Waterford Union of Parishes
please email the Designated Liaison Person, Bruce Hayes at ( or call
086 232 7349. If you recognise a safeguarding emergency, in which a child or vulnerable adult is in
danger, Tusla Child and Family Agency can be contacted on 053 9198201 .

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